Academic tutoring

The macheo students are tutored every 2nd and 3rd Saturday of every month and on the last Saturday they go out for an excursion.  Tutoring sessions concentrate mainly on the following subjects: Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Kiswahili and computer classes. The sessions are held in Strathmore University lecture halls which are a 30 minute walk from Kibera.

Form three and four tutoring is offered by teachers hired from better performing high schools like Kianda and Strathmore school while form two are taught by volunteered bright students from Strathmore university who receive their own tutoring from various lecturers who have teaching experience with secondary students. The tutors are taken through key areas in the subjects they teach to ensure they instruct their mentees appropriately.

After every Macheo session a follow up quiz based on the subject taught is given to the mentees to gauge how well they have understood the content taught. In addition to the quiz, the mentees are given assignments to work on during the week to make certain they remain focused on their tutoring. These assignments are reviewed in the next Macheo session.

The remedial classes help the students understand the content of the subjects better. Macheo also provides text books, note books, geometrical sets, laboratory apparatus and other reading materials which these students would otherwise have no access to, to help them study better. It is the hope of the tutors that the tutoring will lead to higher education, employment and a stable bright future for the mentees.