Strathmore Kibera Scholarships

Kibera draws a lot of attention from many stakeholders. This includes some of our visiting professors and friends who, once they visit the slum always want to assist. So far, we have at least 6 scholarships for Macheo students if they qualify to study at our university.

This academic year, four students from Kibera have been granted full scholarships to study Bachelor of Commerce. This is a great milestone and an encouragement to our students who will be sitting for their finals this year.

Previously, students from Kibera have been awarded scholarships to study short courses (Diploma, CPA and ACCA course). This has been mainly due to the fact that they do not meet the minimum requirement.

We hope that with Macheo, we will keep achieving better results and get them enrolled to institutions of higher learning. At the same time, community Outreach Office will continue giving scholarships to students who meet minimum requirement for admission to study short courses.

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